Greetings, reader! You’ve stumbled upon the home of my scattered thoughts and musings, a place too disorganized to be called a “blog” but too structured to be anything else. If you know me well, that chaos will make sense; if not, don’t worry: you’ll learn. New readers may find the following introduction insightful; regardless, I hope you enjoy your stay, and feel free to drop me a line with any questions, comments, suggestions, or to rant about how totally heartless and wrong I am about everything.


Now, I realize that it’s unusual for personal blogs to have a splash/homepage. The lack of fresh content on such a homepage could be considered anathema to growing a readership; at any rate, I’m sure that’s what my web developer friends will tell me. But this method of organization has grown naturally out of the historical inconsistency of my subject matter, and is actually meant as a helper to any would-be “fans” of my writing.

You see, there is no common thread running through these pages. On any given day I may be sharing amusing anecdotes or pondering the darkest depths of theology and politics. That works just fine for me, but I imagine it could be a bit upsetting for you if you come looking for a pick-me-up and find a nihilistic dismissal of human nature. Conversely, serious minds may do well to skip the trifling day-to-day accounts I will inevitably share from time to time.

Still, some people may wish to skip all the confusion and treat my blog like any other, reading everything I write or just scanning posts to determine what looks interesting. If that’s your cup of tea, hover over the “Welcome!” on the left, and select “Streamlined.” Bookmarking that page will result in the typical all posts, latest on top style of other blogs.

If you are more disposed towards specificity, here’s a quick rundown of how I separate my entries and a couple examples of each. Note that categories often, though not always, overlap:

On Faith
I am, unabashedly, a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. But let me be the first to tell you that being a Christian doesn’t make you perfect or provide all the answers. If anything, knowledge of an all-powerful divinity who has established standards of holiness creates a great many questions, both about God and about the life those who believe in Him are called to live. Sometimes, I ask those questions. Other times, I seek to answer them. If my personal faith, or just the Christian worldview in general, figure prominently into an entry, you will find it here.

On Media
Entertainment media are intrinsic to my identity. Mindlessly dismiss video games as a waste of time, and you’d better be ready for a fight. Want to discuss the decaying creativity of Hollywood and the importance of independent filmmakers in keeping cinema alive as an art? I’m game. And as my massive iTunes library will attest, there’s no kind of music I won’t give a chance. Just make sure it’s legally acquired. My writing encompasses both direct discussion of media and thoughts which are thereby prompted.

Writing With Light
Throughout my undergraduate years I have had two loves: writing with words, and writing with light. Photography has become such a passion for me that it may well become my  career, and as such I have removed the basic portfolio that was once hosted here in favor of a (still under construction) professional website. Still, the occasional odd photo may surface here, and will be tagged accordingly. I also plan to record my philosophy on the medium, and will likely do so here unless a more effective means of distributing those thoughts arises.

I Am Adam’s Bleeding Heart
Pretentious¬†Fight Club reference aside, this is the most “blog-like” of my writing, pulled straight from the pages of my heart. I hold nothing back (perhaps I should), so be prepared for both victory and vitriol as I wrestle with, and occasionally am rewarded by, the act of living.

The World’s Smallest Violin
Everybody needs a soapbox, sometimes, and this one’s mine. That’s rather convenient for you because if you never want to hear me rant, now you know which links to avoid. But if you want to know where I stand on, say, politics and piracy, come and listen. You’ve been warned ^_^

And, that’s about it. If you or I think of an area of my writing that either is or should be big enough to warrant its own, new category, by all means it shall be so. Meanwhile, bookmark the pages you find appealing, and let me know what you think!

-Adam Keith Bogert
(aka The Empyreal Wordsmith, Genesis11, Jaded Cross, & AKB)


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